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Machined PartsWe design and build jigs, fixtures, machine details, die components, progressive dies, blank dies, form dies and thermoform molds, prototypes and large run production part turning. We also reverse engineer from existing parts. We provide on site consultation, troubleshooting services and emergency repair service outside of normal business hours. We provide refurbishing and sharpening services for all types of tooling and equipment.


Engineering is accomplished using AutoCAD, Solid Works and MasterCAM software. For today’s industries, experience doesn’t count for much if it means living in the past. But neither is it to be ignored, for experience gives rise to the innovation that keeps industry moving ahead. It is this powerful combination of experience and innovation that drives Evansville Tool & Die.

Machine & Build

Machine capabilities consist of drilling, milling, turning, surface grinding,  ID and OD grinding, 3D milling, high speed milling, hard milling and turning, wire and sinker EDM,  heat treating, welding/fabrication and press run-off.

Build capabilities consist of jigs, fixtures, machine details, die components, progressive dies, blank dies, form dies and thermoform molds, prototypes and large run production part turning.


Inspection capability consists of measuring and gaging with tolerances of 50 millionths.

Our Customers

We are not limited to the types of customers we do work for. Our customers consist of companies that are in the food and beverage container, appliance, auto, recreation, electric motor, mining, steel, government and defense contractors just to name a few.

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